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It's a story as Australian as the Great Barrier Reef and as big as the great outdoors

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The Paradise Outdoor Advertising (POA) story began in the booming tourist town of Airlie Beach more than thirty years ago.  When an enterprising sign-writer named Phil James was asked by a local business owner if he knew of any billboard sites nearby.

When he couldn't find any, Phil took it upon himself to knock on the door of a nearby landowner who agreed to rent him some land.  After a trip to the council and fabrication of a billboard made of coppers logs...the rest is now history. Phil couldn't have known that one day that knock would lead to becoming the largest regional outdoor advertising company in Australia. But before that could happen Phil (with young Mitch in tow) would spend years of hard, physical work, traveling hundreds and thousands of kilometers up and down the Queensland coast and inland highways - preparing, painting and maintaining billboards signs for regional businesses.

Within three years, the business relocated to Townsville, the main business hub for North Queensland. It was there that new, more modern Billboard fabrication techniques were developed and structures that could withstand the region's famous weather extremes.  Then only a decade ago came the biggest change, when Paradise Outdoor purchased around 250 outdoor advertising sites from a competitor, effectively doubling the size of the business.  National advertising agencies suddenly sat up and took notice.  

POA finds itself playing the role of pioneer again, this time in the digital advertising space. Clean digital advertising signs that work day and night at regional airports and shopping precincts carry the POA name, whilst delivering the last word to tourists, workers, and shoppers.  Many things have changed at POA but their principles have remained the same...POA is a can-do, family operated company that values transparency and customer relationships.  Mitch and Phil wouldn't have it any other way.

719-725 Woolcock Street, Mount Louisa,
Townsville, QLD 4814
PO BOX 7546, Garbutt, QLD 4814
Ph: 07 4758 4600