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Why Billboards?

We live in the age of information overload, a time where the average person is bombarded with more than 5,000 advertising messages EACH DAY! 

So with all this noise, how do you ensure that your customers are receiving your message loud and clear…well it’s simple really! You can’t mute them, skip them, block them or minimize them!

Billboards - The Unmissable Medium!
  1. Billboards achieve great cut-through because they stand-alone. No need for them to compete with the clutter of other advertisements, as is the case with other media.
  2. 86% of people agree that Billboards make brands stand out.
  3. Studies have shown that Billboards not only work alone, but also improve the return on investment of other media when you include them in the mix.
  4. OMC research shows that only 13% of consumers stick to a pre-determined shopping list. 88% of people see outdoor advertising and 72% of those people can be swayed towards a product by having recently viewed outdoor advertising.
  5. Outdoor allows you to target specific audiences and markets i.e. shoppers, tourists, business travellers, tradesman etc.
  6. Outdoor is 40% more effective for creating awareness than any other media.

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What’s the role of Outdoor Advertising and how is it changing?


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Billboard advertising…EVERYBODY’S doing it!

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