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With your artwork complete now it’s time to turn it into a billboard!

Your artwork is digitally printed onto a heavy-duty vinyl material (known as a skin) printed to the exact size of your billboard. Depending on the length of your billboard contract or advertising campaign there a few skin options available…

Standard Billboard Skin

These skins have a superior coating that extends the life of the product and can better handle weather exposure. The ultra-smooth surface gives a top end quality and a lovely Matte finish. This product has a 3 year warranty against fade and chipping of paint.

Short Term Billboard Skin

These billboard skins are designed for short-term campaigns and are printed on an ECO vinyl. These are designed for campaigns with a maximum 12 month life span.

General Purpose Billboard Skin

These are designed not only for billboards but are also great for use with general signage – such as shop fronts, banners and fence wraps. They have a 2 year warranty and are a high quality vinyl sporting a high resolution print.

Reflecto Billboard Skin

Keep in the customer’s spotlight 24 / 7 with a reflective billboard. These skins are designed to reflect the light from oncoming traffic. These have a 3 year warranty against fade and chipping of print.

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