Second digital billboard lights up Toowoomba CBD

Second digital billboard lights up Toowoomba CBD

THE Toowoomba CBD will shine bright at night with a second digital billboard installed in the heart of the city.

The corner of Ruthven and Margaret Sts is now home to two digital billboards.

The first billboard was installed in 2016 by Bishopp Outdoor Advertising above the Lincraft building and another was installed above Gelatissimo on Monday night.

Paradise Outdoor Advertising is responsible for bringing the new high quality digital media advertising device to our city centre.

The $250,000 LED television screen will help promote local initiatives and events and offer an advertising platform.

Rather than a classic flat sign, the billboard curves across the corner of the building to mimic the awning below it.

Paradise Outdoor Advertising CEO Mitch James said the company focused on bringing billboards to regional Queensland.

"We have heavily invested in the region for the last eight years and Toowoomba is really growing and moving ahead so it's great to be part of it," he said.

"It is really a community asset, not only can local businesses use it for advertising, if there are any disasters or amber alerts we can use the billboard to notify people.

"Having it at such a busy intersection is fantastic because it will reach a high number of people daily and having it as a digital billboard as opposed to our traditional billboards makes it a bit more exciting too."

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